Shocking Stories of Survival

How much until you break?

How much til you break? For these adventure catastrophe survivors, there is no limit. (Photo: Martin Wickstrom)

It takes some of the most extreme situations to test our desperate desire to live.

How a 13-Year-Old Saved His Dad’s Life

(Photo: US Forest Service/Creative Commons)

Charlie Finlayson was on the ultimate climbing adventure with his dad, David, when a loose boulder forced him to make a daunting rescue

Adrift at Sea

(Photo: Jeremy Bishop/Unsplash)

With no shore in sight, the only thing Matthew Bryce had to cling to was his surfboard and the hope that someone would find him. 

Way Off-Piste


It only took one wrong turn for Kelsey Malin and her ski partner to find themselves 52 hours deep into the backcountry with no food, water, or way to get out.

A High Case of the Bends


George Watson and Geoff Belter went diving in Peru. One of them was never found again

Sink or Swim

(Photo: Li Yang/Unsplash)

When two young pilots flew out over the Pacific together to log hours, they didn't plan on having to make a crash landing

How One Couple Survived the Tubbs Fire

(Photo: George Rose/Getty Images)

Imagine opening your door to a fire. Now imagine there’s no way out

From Outside Magazine, November 2018
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Lead Photo: Martin Wickstrom
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