The Rapha Commuter Jacket Is a Winter Must-Have

Real cyclists wear pink

The Rapha Commuter jacket is an easy way to guarantee you'll be seen while biking. (Photo: Courtesy Rapha)
The Rapha Commuter jacket is an easy way to guarantee you'll be seen while biking.

Here’s my dilemma: I want to be seen when I’m on my commuter bike, but I’ve always been too vain to wear one of those bright-green work vests or jerseys. Thankfully, I just came across Rapha’s new Commuter jacket, which solves all my problems.

The jacket, which is part of Rapha’s commuter collection, comes in a variety of bright colors, including hot pink. While pink might be too much for some riders, I love its boldness for both fashion and safety reasons. It’s not often you see someone riding in a jacket that’s the color of the dancing elephants in Dumbo, so I should be able to get drivers’ attention right away.

Primarily intended as a waterproof rain layer, the piece comes with sealed seams, so there won’t be any leakage in a downpour or snowstorm. It’s also totally windproof and cut more generously than a regular bike jacket, so I can wear it as an outer layer over a sweater on really cold winter days.

In the back, the jacket’s tail is extra long to protect your butt on wet commutes. That tail also has reflective dots that stick out below your backpack and alert drivers in the dark. If pink is too much, the jacket also comes in bright orange and green, as well as black, if you don’t care as much about being seen.

Those of you who are familiar with Rapha will know that the brand’s kit can be expensive. Thankfully, the company dropped the price on this piece to a more reasonable $135, making it approachable for the rest of us. Here’s to safe riding.

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Lead Photo: Courtesy Rapha