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The Gogglesoc is a Must-Have in Any Ski Kit

This simple, affordable product will protect your expensive eyewear

This simple and cheap product will protect your expensive investment. (Photo: Courtesy Gogglesoc)
This simple and cheap product will protect your expensive investment.

Most goggles aren’t cheap. And once you’ve tried a good pair, which can easily cost over $200, you’ll never want to wear your $20 bargain-basement model. Unfortunately with goggles, a higher price tag doesn’t necessarily mean better durability. Unlike skis, poles, and boots, which can be tossed in the back of a truck without suffering damage, goggles are liable to get scratched if you set them down unprotected while gearing up or grabbing a beer. For me this usually means replacing mine after a season of use. That’s why the Gogglesoc ($15) is my favorite new piece of ski gear.

I discovered the Vancouver-based company at Outdoor Retailer in November, and since then, its protective sleeve has come on every ski day with me. Made from recycled plastic bottles, the “sock” is designed to stretch over almost any size goggle, protecting the lenses from scratches. It’s simple, easy to use (even with gloves on), and small—it fits comfortably in the pocket of my snow pants. Plus, if you’re brave enough to show off a bit of personal style, it’s available in more than 80 different eye-catching designs, including the American flag and avocado patterns.

Looks aside, I’m just relieved that, after 14 days of skiing so far this year, my brand-new goggles are still scratch-free.

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Lead Photo: Courtesy Gogglesoc

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