The Smith Lowdown Slims Are Our Go-To Everyday Shades

These shades blend style, comfort, durability, and versatility better than any others I've tried

These shades blend style, comfort, durability and versatility better than any others I’ve tried. (Photo: Emily Reed)

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A good pair of sunglasses goes everywhere with you, whether you’re running, paddling, climbing, or lying on the beach. There are plenty of shades on the market specialized for each of these activities. I have a pile of sport-specific models sitting in my gear closet. Still, I find myself reaching for the same pair of Smith Lowdown Slim sunglasses ($139) every day, no matter the activity.

A smaller, skinnier version of Smith’s classic Lowdown frame, the Lowdown Slim has the same sporty yet stylish androgynous shape that fits in equally well on a snowfield, singletrack, or sidewalk. They’re light enough to sit comfortably on my face for hours at a time without creating pressure points, and they stay put during high-intensity activity.

They also fold down thinner and more compact than other shades I’ve tried, which is a boon when shoving them into a stuffed pack.

Deciding what layers, gloves, or shoes to pack for a dawn-patrol skin, post-work trail run, or weekend bouldering trip always takes me longer than it should. Since the Lowdown Slim entered my kit, sunglasses are the one piece of gear I never waste time deliberating over.

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Lead Photo: Emily Reed
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