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The Best Semi-Rad Adventure Charts of 2018

I drew them. You liked them.

Charts to sum up every aspect of your outdoor existence. (Photo: Brendan Leonard)

For the past couple years, I’ve drawn non-scientific charts and other doodles and posted them regularly on my Instagram feed. They’re not always about the outdoors, but lots of them are. Here are the 11 most popular ones from 2018:

#1: A Life of Adventure

#2: Outdoor Adventure Complaint Chart

#3: Trail Running Expectations Vs. Reality

#4: My Navigation Skills

#5: Knowledge and Outdoor Gear

#6: Trail Running and Gastrointestinal Distress

#7: Newton’s Third Law of Exercise Motion

#8: Climbers: How Much Chalk Is in Your Chalk Bag? 

#9: Okayness of Body Parts Hitting the Ground While Trail Running

#10: I Should Probably Get Some Exercise Today

#11: What We Talk About When We Go Climbing

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Lead Photo: Brendan Leonard
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