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One Eleven Makes Our Favorite Everyday Watch

Simple and capable, the SWII is a solid field piece

Simple and capable, the SWII is a solid field watch. (Photo: Emily Reed)
Simple and capable, the SWII is a solid field watch.

Ever since high school, I’ve been a fan of those cheap silicone bracelets that come emblazoned with organization names, hashtags, and inspirational sayings. My latest one is approaching two years old—a near miracle, given the chintzy construction—and the writing on it has long since faded to the point where I can hardly remember what it read. (It might have been “#workhard #playhard.” Don’t judge.) More than once, my wife has watched me put it on and, with a look of mild disgust, asked, “You’re still wearing that?”

But I’m older now, and it’s time to kick the bracelet habit. So I was thrilled to get my hands on One Eleven’s SWII Solar Three-Hand watch ($125). No bells and whistles here, just an analog face with glow-in-the-dark minute and hour hands, which is all I need. And I admire the matte green finish on the dial and water-resistant case. The strap is nylon, made from recycled plastic bottles, and while the Velcro closure may be a turn-off to some, it’s simple to adjust. It also keeps the watch light, and I prefer it over a beefy steel band weighing down my wrist all day. Bonus points that the SWII is, as the name implies, solar powered.

It’s no Rolex, but the SWII is a solid field watch, approachable and user-friendly for someone like me who just wants to wear it out hiking or paddleboarding or to the occasional semiformal party. And if it means those cheap bracelets find their way to the trash bin, so much the better.

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Lead Photo: Emily Reed
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