Our Go-To Hoodie for Spring Fishing

Smart looks and smarter design make this jacket the first thing we reach for when we head out the door

This jacket will keep you warm out fishing in the Spring when the weather - as it does in the mountains - turns cold on a dime. (Photo: John Frazier)
This jacket will keep you warm out fishing in the Spring when the weather - as it does in the mountains - turns cold on a dime.

After a winter of cold streams and fishing double-nymph rigs, it’s always nice to get back in the water in the spring—that’s if the weather doesn’t get in the way. Near my home in Santa Fe, it can go from sunny to snowing in minutes, or the temperature can drop 20 degrees, or it can start spitting rain and then drop 20 degrees.

Which is why I love the Simms Katafront hoodie ($130). It’s warm enough that I stay toasty, even if a front rolls in, thanks to the thick poly-spandex material throughout the body of the jacket. It has two big, warm pockets for me to shove my hands into if I need to thaw out. The stretchy synthetic fabric in both the shoulders and the adjustable hood blocks the wind and, though it isn’t quite waterproof, keeps the water off me long enough so I can at least get under a pine tree for cover. Best of all, the Katafront has water-resistant cuffs, so when I’m releasing a fish or turning over rocks to look for bug life, my entire arm doesn’t get soaked. If that’s not enough, it comes in a black camo pattern so fish don’t see me. That was a joke; I’m not sure why Simms makes it in black camo. I’m just grateful the hoodie also comes in blue so that my wife doesn’t make fun of me when I wear it.

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Lead Photo: John Frazier

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