Katherine LaGrave

Katherine LaGrave

Katherine LaGrave is a New York–based features writer and editor. 


How Shelton Johnson Became a Yosemite Legend

The longtime ranger has spent decades sharing stories of Buffalo Soldiers and advocating for diversity in the national parks. But his journey started on the edge of a cliff in Germany.

Katherine LaGrave
Jul 17, 2019

What the Grand Canyon Will Look Like in 2119

As the country's second most popular park turns 100, Grand Canyon faces an unprecedented number of existential threats. Eight experts weigh in on the major changes it will undergo during the next century.

Katherine LaGrave
Feb 25, 2019

Adventure in Europe? Sign Us Up!

Relaxing on the Greek islands is easy. Finding a unique outdoor adventure? Much trickier. So take it from someone who has lived there and stop the guessing.

Katherine LaGrave
Feb 25, 2015

You Should Be Eating Yak Burgers

The animals are sturdy, low-maintenance, and their meat is more flavorful and has more protein than beef. Time to dig in.

Katherine LaGrave
Sep 8, 2014

Bottoms Up! The Best Sour Beer in the Country

The Belgians have been brewing sour beer for centuries, and we're only just now starting to catch up. There are more sour ales in the United States than ever before, which means tastier—and more unique—beer for you.

Katherine LaGrave
Jul 11, 2014