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Now You Can Eat Like Alex Honnold in 'Free Solo'

Black Diamond's newest product launch comes straight from the pro climber's van to your kitchen

Will eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner with Honnold's custom utensil give us all superhuman mental and physical strength? (Photo: Courtesy Black Diamond/Andy Earl)
Alex Honnold

Remember that famous scene in Free Solo? No, not when Alex Honnold summits El Cap, but when he eats stir fry right out of the pan using a spatula. Well, his sponsor Black Diamond has taken that humorous bit and run with it for its latest “product release”: the all-new Alex Honnold Signature Spatula ($15).

Made from dual-density heat-resistant silicone with a fiberglass core, it marks the company’s first foray into the camp-kitchen space. And, despite the April Fools’ Day launch, it’s only partly a joke; Black Diamond will actually be selling a limited run of these lime-green utensils.

(Photo: Courtesy Black Diamond)

In a press release, Black Diamond detailed a months-long development process that included (fake) strength and extreme-temperature tests in its famous QC lab, where engineers put carabiners and cams through their paces. The Signature Spatula is “strong enough to handle a steak, and maneuvers whipped batters, liquids, and, of course, Honnold’s pre-sending staple, scrambled eggs, with ease,” BD wrote. The tapered blade is designed to flex with the curves of any pan, to make sure no crumbs go uneaten. And the bright color means you’ll never lose this spatula at the bottom of your camping box.

Ultimately, as much as we might wish it were so, eating like Alex Honnold won't actually make any of us climb as well as he does. (This is a joke spatula, afterall, not a magical one.) But there is an upside: As with the rest of the gear in the Honnold Signature Series collection, a portion of sales—in this case all profits—will go to the Honnold Foundation, which is dedicated to bringing solar energy to communities around the world.

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Lead Photo: Courtesy Black Diamond/Andy Earl
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