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These Fleece-Lined Jeans from Duer Changed My Life

Fleece and denim—two of my favorite things, just usually not together. Until now.

These jeans combine fleece and denim in the best way, making them fit well while also being comfortable. (Photo: Sarah Jackson)

The term “fleece-lined jeans” usually brings out the skeptic in me. In my experience, fleece and denim often don’t play well together, making for bulky, ill-fitting pants. But Duer’s Fireside Denim jeans ($159) have turned me into a believer with their mix of performance, style, and warmth.

The secret is that the fleece liner is woven into the denim rather than glued inside, delivering a slim, tailored fit. The result feels more like silky terry cloth than fleece—extremely supple and, dare I say, more comfortable than worn-in jeans. It also lends extra warmth while not appearing like I’m trying to pull off the über-skinny look. When I took my toddler on our daily walks this winter, my legs were toasty, almost as if I were wearing full-length base layers.

However, the fleece liner is also thin enough that I never got too warm. Other similar jeans often make my thighs grossly sweaty, but I was fine in the Fireside, even on warmer spring days. The liner also wicks moisture with aplomb—well enough that, when the temperature did inch up into the sixties, I barely noticed.

(Photo: Sarah Jackson)

On top of that, the Fireside is built to move. Last year my family’s all-day hunt for a Christmas tree involved a great deal of bushwhacking and awkward sawing in the cold, but the jeans were perfect. The gusseted crotch allowed me to straddle downed trees, and I appreciated how the stretch denim didn’t hinder my movement as I worked on bringing down a fir.

And in the end, isn’t that the best kind of jean? The one pair that you can wear almost anywhere, for almost anything, without thinking about it.

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Lead Photo: Sarah Jackson
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