Shower Beer Lovers, Meet Your New Best Friend

This $18 piece of gear will hold a shower beer, a shower LaCroix, or even a shower coffee

With this piece of gear, now you can drink beer in the shower. Or seltzer. Or coffee. Wine? Anything that fits, really. (Photo: Courtesy Sudski)
With this piece of gear, now you can drink beer in the shower. Or seltzer. Or coffee. Wine? Anything that fits, really.

Picture this: you’ve just come back from a long, sweaty spring ride or run and you’re tired, thirsty, and need a shower. It used to be that you had to rinse off and then crack a cold one, but with the 30 Watt Sudski Shower Beer Holder, it’s possible to do both at the same time.

Ridiculous? For sure. Totally enjoyable? Absolutely.

If you’re not in the mood for a beer right after your outing and instead need a little more hydration, what about a shower LaCroix? Outside contributor Paddy O’Connell first turned me on to the idea, and I’ve never gone back. He managed to squeeze his bubbly water next to the shampoo, but it’s even more efficient to have your drink in its own dedicated holder.

And what about those mornings before work? It’s too early for beer and maybe even too early for LaCroix. But it’s never too early for coffee, and I quickly realized that skinny mugs like these made by Yeti fit right into the Sudski. My wife is sick of me getting gear to test because it clutters our house, but when the Sudski went up, she couldn’t stop smiling. She’s long wanted to bring her coffee into the shower, and now she can.

In terms of functionality, the Sudski is bomber. It stuck right to our shower wall, and I’ve never once worried about it falling off. If you have a small shower, it can be tricky to position the Sudski so that no water infects your brew. Under the showerhead is a good option, à la Paddy, or up high above the showerhead works, too.

I, like many of you, do some of my best thinking in the shower, and it’s been proven that a shower beer can help make that time even more productive. Showers calm you down and help you concentrate, and one tasty, perfectly timed beer can do the same, doubling your chances of coming up with your next great idea.

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Lead Photo: Courtesy Sudski

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