Looking for friends to travel with? There's an app for that.
Looking for friends to travel with? There's an app for that. (Photo: jacoblund/iStock)

How to Find New Friends on the Road

Whether you're seeking a climbing partner or a coffee date, it's never been easier to engage with other like-minded travelers, thanks to apps and active social-media groups with extensive reaches

Looking for friends to travel with? There's an app for that.

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There are groups based on sports, gender, budget, and more. Post that you want to ride the Whole Enchilada in Moab, Utah, with someone, and you’ll likely find a riding mate quickly. These groups make it easy to help you tap into community while on the road.


This Facebook group is designed specifically for mountaineers and climbers who want to share information and news about mountains and mountain communities. Curious about a particular route in Patagonia? Someone within the 15,000-strong membership will chime in to point you in the right direction.

Girls Love Travel

It’s one of the largest women-centric travel communities online, with more than 600,000 members. Ask a question (wanna meet in Paris for coffee?) and get an answer from a local or fellow traveler. Or go into one of the subgroups, like GLT Moms or GLT Adventure, and ask if anyone wants to meet up for a hike in, say, Morocco’s Atlas Mountains.


This Facebook group focuses on long-term sustainable travel with budget in mind. It’s for people who are living on the road without large bank accounts. The group taps into a huge community—171,000 members—and allows you to meet others who are living the dream, ask questions, and share advice.


This app is designed to help you foster a connection with travelers who are outside your standard social-media networks while you’re in a new destination. Log in to the app and you can find other Travello users in the same location and explore meetups and groups. The app also curates travel recommendations based on where you are and what you like to do.

Travel Photography Community

A Facebook group for traveling photographers with almost 20,000 members is a great place to share your photos and resources. You’ll also find top-shelf shooting tips from some serious road warriors.

Lonely Planet Travelers

Lonely Planet has long brought travelers together. More than 55,000 members come to its Facebook group to discuss their adventures and get info for their next trip. Lonely Planet also runs Thorn Tree, a forum where you can ask travel-related questions and find travel buddies.


EatWith hones in on one of the most important aspects of travel: food. This is a community-based program that focuses on food experiences in the city you’re visiting. Find hosts who want to feed you, food events that are traveler friendly, supper clubs, culinary tours, dinner parties, and more.

Lead Photo: jacoblund/iStock