2019 Summer Buyer's Guide

The Best Fuel of 2019

Real nourishment for high performance

(Photo: Inga Hendrickson)

Little Secrets Sea Salted Peanut Dark Chocolate Pieces ($5)

(Photo: Courtesy Little Secrets)

Peanut M&M’s are a popular backcountry treat for good reason—they’re sharable, and they pack some protein and fat along with the sugar hit. But this fair-trade version from Little Secrets is better, with a bit more salt to replenish electrolyte stores and no corn syrup or artificial flavors.

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Fairlife Smart Snacks Nutrition Shake ($2.50)

(Photo: Courtesy Fairlife)

Swap your post-run chocolate milk for Fairlife’s blend of milk, honey, and oat flour. These shakes are lactose-free, so they’re easy on sensitive stomachs, and the oats add fiber and carbs.

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UnTapped Maple Syrup ($20 for ten)

(Photo: Courtesy UnTapped)

Fuel like a Vermonter and trade your mystery goo for natural maple syrup. It’s high in quick-burning carbs and has a low glycemic index, which helps maintain stable blood glucose and avoid a nasty sugar crash.

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Honey Stinger Cracker N’ Nut Butter Snack Bar ($2.50)

(Photo: Courtesy Honey Stinger)

These bars are made from familiar foods: crackers, nut butter, and chocolate. They taste like dessert, but don’t fret about the sugar: they contain just nine to twelve grams each.

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Patagonia Provisions Original Buffalo Jerky ($10)

(Photo: Courtesy Patagonia Provisions)

Yes, you can get cheaper dried meats at the gas station, but Patagonia Provisions’ Buffalo Jerky is ethically sourced, and your purchase helps support grassland restoration. Plus it tastes great, and each one-ounce serving has 13 grams of protein without any weird preservatives.

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RX Nut Butter ($16 for ten)

(Photo: Courtesy RXBar)

Packable nut butter is everywhere these days, but RX’s take stands out with extras like egg whites—which add protein without compromising flavor or texture—and natural sweeteners, like dates and honey, that pack a nutritious punch.

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Lead Photo: Inga Hendrickson

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The 2019 Summer Buyer's Guide