Philip Kiefer

Philip Kiefer

Previously an Outside editorial fellow. I like dinosaurs and trees and housing policy.


The Secret Culture of Ski-Jumping in the Midwest

As his dreams of going pro faded, photographer Cooper Dodds fell back in love with ski jumping in an unexpected place. His new photo book, 'Jumper: Flying in the Heartland,' documents the Midwest's...

Philip Kiefer
Jan 10, 2020

The Fight Over the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

The newest miniseries from Threshold circles around the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, from the interior town of Arctic Village to the more drilling-friendly Kaktovik on the North Slope.

Philip Kiefer
Dec 23, 2019

The True Story Behind Disney's 'Togo'

A new Disney movie starring Willem Dafoe promises to chart the life of a historically overlooked pup, Togo, who made a lifesaving delivery of medicine possible.

Philip Kiefer
Dec 20, 2019

How to Re-Waterproof Your Tent

Over time, tents may start to leak. You can repair small tears and re-waterproof it at home for cheap. Here's how.

Philip Kiefer
Dec 16, 2019

The West's Water Shortage Is Fueled by Human Error

Western states have had very little reliable information about how much water was being used for things like landscaping and commercial interests or simply lost to leaky pipes.

Philip Kiefer
Nov 11, 2019

Take These Sacred Sites off Your Bucket List

While it might not be possible to practice perfect tourism, there are ways to do better: engage with the culture and history of sacred places, visit sites interpreted by their traditional owners, and...

Philip Kiefer
Oct 30, 2019

How to Find Your Climate Candidates

Finding candidates and getting involved in local and state elections can lead to big changes in the fight against global warming.

Philip Kiefer
Oct 5, 2019