Erin Riley

Erin Riley

Erin Riley is the senior travel editor at Outside.



36 Awesome Gifts for Adventure Travelers

These fun and inspiring ideas will bring the world to the travelers on your list—and help out those working in the travel industry who've been hard hit by the pandemic

Mary Turner and Erin Riley
Dec 11, 2020

This Face Mask Made Me a Skin-Care Convert

Dubious about the hyped-up claims of many skin-care products, one editor tried the popular Aztec Secret face mask. Now it's part of her weekly routine.

Erin Riley
Nov 22, 2020

What Adventure Travel Looks Like After the Pandemic

Travel is poised to make a strong comeback, according to experts. We talked to guides, company founders, flight specialists, and industry veterans to determine how getting out in the world will change post-pandemic.

Erin Riley
May 21, 2020

This Virtual Tour Cured My Travel Withdrawal

Leave it to the Faroe Islands to come up with the most clever virtual tour we've seen. In their new tourism program, a Faroese resident becomes your local avatar, guiding you around the stunning archipelago in real time.

Erin Riley
Apr 17, 2020