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Watch These Videos and Get Fit for Ski Season

Put in the work now to have a successful winter

These backcountry ski packs will carry everything you need. (Photo: Hendrik Morkel/Unsplash)
These backcountry ski packs will carry everything you need.

The key to a good ski season is building your endurance to ski day in and day out, so you can develop your skills. Get ready for a strong start on the slopes with these four fitness videos. 

Get Fit for Ski Season in 7 Moves

We’re getting pretty excited for ski season here at Outside. Rather than sitting around while we wait for snow, we caught up with pro skier and trainer Crystal Wright to learn some ski-specific workouts to get in shape. Not only will these moves help prevent injury, but they’ll set you up to rip from day one on the mountain. 

A Quick Workout to Get Ready for Ski Season

Doug Lawder, the owner of Railyard Fitness in Santa Fe, walks through a brief workout that will keep you fit through the holidays.

Get Through Ski Season Injury-Free

In this circuit, Lawder focuses on five exercises to help build strength and mobility. 

Plus, if you need one for inspiration:

How to Train for Big-Mountain Skiing

Pro athlete Dane Tudor knows that performing well on the hill only comes after hard indoor training. We get a sneak peek of his routine in the film No Shortcuts.

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Lead Photo: Hendrik Morkel/Unsplash
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