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2021 Winter Buyer’s Guide

The Best Home Gym Gear of 2021

Workout tools to help you reach your potential

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winter buyer’s guide

TRX Rocker Foam Roller ($50 and up)

home gym
(Photo: Courtesy TRX)

TRX reinvented the roller with this asymmetrical, acorn-shaped tube. Three sides with different textures of firm foam knead out kinks and reduce soreness. It comes in two lengths: 13 and 26 inches.

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TriggerPoint Impact Percussion Massage Gun ($200)

home gym
(Photo: Courtesy TriggerPoint)

Affordable without sacrificing function, the Impact is quiet, has four speeds, and comes with a firm but forgiving rounded head. Use it pre-­workout to warm up muscles or after for faster recovery.

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Tacx Neo 2T Smart Trainer ($1,400)

home gym
(Photo: Courtesy Tacx)

Sync this trainer with popular apps like Zwift to simulate real rides or plot your own—the Neo 2T changes resistance to mimic descents and hills up to a 25 percent grade. It folds for storage and fits most setups.

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JadeYoga XW Fusion Mat ($180)

home gym
(Photo: Courtesy JadeYoga)

At 80 by 28 inches and about a quarter-inch thick, this mat made from natural rubber provides space and cushion for floor exercises and grip for hardcore yoga poses.

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Sonos Move Speaker ($399)

home gym
(Photo: Courtesy Sonos)

This portable wireless speaker has excellent sound quality and an 11-hour battery life. It’s weather- and drop-resistant, which is ideal for the weight room, garage, and backyard. Bonus: voice controls let you adjust the volume mid-workout.

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VewDo Zippy Balance Board ($140)

home gym
(Photo: Courtesy VewDo)

VewDo’s 100 percent maple board offers the most fun ride you can find on dry land. Hone your balance with the bidirectional foam teeter or the wooden roller, which sports outriggers so you can mimic carving without face planting.

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Tension Climbing Grindstone Mk2 Hangboard ($150)

home gym
(Photo: Courtesy Tension Climbing)

Climbers, rejoice. The Grindstone has it all: an asymmetrical layout to keep your hand and shoulder distance consistent for every grip, edge depths ranging from eight to thirty millimeters, a jug rail, and a deep notch for one-arm exercises.

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JaxJox Kettle­bellConnect Weight ($229)

home gym
(Photo: Courtesy JaxJox)

Adjust from 12 to 42 pounds in six-pound increments and sync with the app to track your reps and sets, time, and power output. Unlike other clunky adjustable bells, the JaxJox’s plates are hidden within a smooth shell.

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