Adventures for wedding guests near Montego Bay


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Adventures for wedding guests near Montego Bay

Adventures for wedding guests near Montego Bay
Question: We are planning a wedding for about 25 people in Jamaica (near Montego Bay and Turtle Beach). Are there any interesting, adventurous areas located there?

Jennifer Groenewoud
Thamesford, Ontario

Enjoy a group sail out of Montego Bay in the Caribbean trade winds

Adventure Adviser: If your guests don’t mind donning scuba gear, the waters near Montego Bay are famous for their wall dives and other hot spots, like Basket Reef and Black Coral Alley. Despite its proximity to incoming jets, the airport reef is actually one of the island’s best, with coral caves, tunnels and canyons to
explore. Roy Watkins of Seaworld Resorts Ltd. (876-953-2180) will help you with arrangements.

For land-lovers, just east of town is the Montego River and numerous hiking trails. Pick up the best and most scenic from the rambling Sign Great House. Nothing strenuous, the hikes amble along low hills, through streams and pass by some great swimming spots. Just 12 miles from Montego Bay is the mouth of the Great River, where your guests can canoe or raft through a the
nine-mile gorge and some modest Class II and III rapids. (The lower part of the river is much rougher, with more than 15 Class IV and V rapids along one stretch). To set up a trip, contact Mountain Valley Rafting (876-952-0527), or if white water kayaking sounds more exciting, try Sense Adventures (876-927-2097).

How about a sunset horseback ride on the beach, or a canter out to a waterfall? There are numerous riding outfitters in and around Montego Bay. A few good ones to call: Trelawny Beach Hotel (876-954-2289), reputably the best; White Witch Stables (876-953-2746); and Rocky Point Stables (876-953-2286)

Lastly, you might consider chartering a boat out of Montego Bay and enjoy a group sail in the Caribbean trade winds. Deep fishing trips are also fun, scenic and easy to arrange. Three places to try: LA Yacht Service (876-952-3290); Stanley’s Bay Marina (876-952-3859; and Montego Bay Yacht Club (876-979-8038).

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