An Alaska Airlines plane in flight.
An Alaska Airlines plane in flight.

2014 Travel Awards: Best Airline

An Alaska Airlines plane in flight.

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Winner: Alaska Airlines

For six years in a row, Alaska has had the highest customer-­satisfaction rates on J.D. Power’s survey of all major U.S. carriers. Even better: its flights landed an average of 52 seconds early. The fleet of 133 planes take ­climbers to Anchorage, surfers to Zihuatanejo, and skiers to Salt Lake City, to name just three of the
99 destinations it serves. If yours isn’t among them, try sister airline Horizon Air—every flight includes a free Alaskan beer. ­

Runner-Up: Copa Airlines

Being based in Panama City has a distinct advantage: Copa Airlines can fly almost anywhere in the Americas using smaller 737s without a layover. That makes for cheaper flights and more of them. Want to head to Manaus in Brazil? Most other airlines will take you through São Paolo or Rio. With Copa, you’ll have only one four-hour leg from Panama City. The airline sends three of its 737s to Los Angeles each day and has partnered with United, so it’s easy to connect on your next South American adventure.

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