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4 Tips for Planning Group Getaways

You know the ancient Chinese proverb “Many hands make carrying a Yeti cooler easier”? Translation: The key to a successful group trip is to take charge without anyone realizing that you’re in charge. Here’s how you do it.


Plan ahead

Do: Set a date a few months in advance so everyone who really wants to go can arrange their schedule accordingly.

Don’t: Send a text to 12 people asking “What date works for you?” You’ll just get 12 different answers and have to choose which friend you actually want to go camping with.

Find the Right Spot

Do: Pick a location with a variety of activities, ideally with both water- and trail-based options, so folks have choices.

Don’t: Forget your customizable Chacos, which can go from canoeing to hiking to hammocking. (Can’t figure out which ones to get? May we suggest starting with the Pac-Man graphics?)

Get on the Same Page—Literally

Do: Create and share a simple Google Doc—it’s the easiest way to plan group meals and gear packing lists, and to avoid snafus, like everyone cooking Korean BBQ for every dinner.

Don’t: Forget bacon. Camping without bacon is terrible.

And Then (Gently) Force the Fun

Do: Organize one group activity each day, whether it’s Ultimate Frisbee or just a drinking game.

Don’t: Be afraid to enforce penalties in said games—or at least explain the rules. Remember, you’re in charge!