Jansport 26

Jansport 26″ Wheeled Gear Logic – Luggage: Reviews

Jansport 26

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Why It’s CoolI thought of the Gear Logic as a rolling footlocker with a waterproof bottom “drawer” just big enough for my test cargo: a pair of full-size hiking boots and Tevas. Oh-so-niftily, I could pull out that bottom compartment and—voilà—a tote bag. I could also jettison the tote bag, disengage a false bottom, and use the bag as a capacious (6,000 cubic inches) duffel. » The would-be lid zips open to stow about 1,500 cubes of the bag’s total capacity, and the underside is waterproof. » Or, if you need a more gaping cargo hold, you can zip away the underside and fill the bag from the top as a single-hold duffel.

Hmmm . . .The 420-denier ripstop nylon may be too svelte for rigorous adventure travel. » Ten pounds is hefty for an empty bag.

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