Packing for Haiti


I'm leaving in a couple days for Haiti with Medical Student Missions to help teach a Wilderness First Responder course and work in a cholera clinic. Along with a small wad of clothes, running shoes, and Blundstones, here's the essentials crammed in a Patagonia MLC wheeled backpack. 

Ben's DEET mosquito juice: combined with permethrin-treated clothing, this is nearly 100% mosquito-protective.

Ex-Officio bug-retarding, sun-protective shirt and Patagonia GI Pants, both sprayed with Ben's permethrin mosquito repellent.

Alcohol hand sanitizer.

Potable Aqua chlorine dioxide water purification tablets.

Sawyer SP140 water bottle with 0.1 micron filter.

Rx: Chloroquine antimalarial, azithromycine and ciprofloxacin antibiotics, loperamide.

Petzl Tikka headlamp.

Docs: Passport, emergency credit card, SOS International evac insurance, emergency contact list.

Sunscreen, sun hat.

Cocoon silk seeping bag liner, also nuked with permethrin.

Telecommunications: Dell Mini 10, iPhone, Panasoinc Lumix camera.

Stethoscope, nitrile gloves, scrubs.

Anything I'm forgetting?

–Christopher Van Tilburg, MD