Around-the-world airfare packages


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Around-the-world airfare packages

Around-the-world airfare packages
Question: My husband and I are considering quitting our jobs and traveling until our money runs out. Is it best to get “around-the-world” tickets or just wing it as we go along?

Boston, Massachusetts

Adventure Adviser: Your question is completely dependent on the goals of your trip. If you have money to burn and want to be free to go where the wind takes you, you might want to forgo an around-the-world ticket. On the other hand, if you’re interested in substantial savings, and are willing to sit down and plot an itinerary before you leave,
you should definitely buy an around-the-world ticket.

Last spring when I checked on around-the-world tickets, coach-class prices ranged from $2,199 to $3,059. Considering the average ticket from San Francisco to Hong Kong costs $2,000, you can see that an around-the-world ticket is financially prudent. Depending on the airline you fly, there may be a few restrictions on around-the-world tickets. One of the most common is a
preset travel direction. In other words, if you’re flying an east-to-west itinerary and, when in New Zealand, you decide you want to go back to Western Samoa for some breadfruit and papaya, you’ll be out of luck.

I’d suggest you do some serious investigating with the airlines before you leave. But don’t bother calling American; they stopped offering around-the-world fares in 1996.

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