Around-the-world airplane tickets


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Around-the-world airplane tickets
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Around-the-world airplane tickets
Q: I have heard an around-the-world ticket can be purchased through Delta Singapore Air & SwissAir at a very low rate with some restrictions. My agent knows nothing about this. Do you have any information?
Steve Weidley
Chattanooga, TN

A: An around-the-world ticket on Delta, Singapore Air, and Swissair will cost you about $2,570, plus taxes. Not bad, considering you have a year to fly to any or all of the countries served by these three airlines. As for restrictions, you’ll need to have a minimum of three stopovers, cross two oceans, and travel in a forward direction
only–backtracking will cost you extra. The travel agent I spoke to recommended planning out your route in advance, with a general idea of which cities you want to see. Even if your agent has never heard of this deal, Delta should be able to send her/him detailed information, maps, and rate cards that you can then use for planning your trip. If that doesn’t work, contact the
travel agency I spoke with, Rio Grande Travel, at 505-982-3555.

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