Atlanta, sans barbecued pork


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Week of June 20-27, 1996
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Atlanta, sans barbecued pork
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Atlanta, sans barbecued pork
Question: My boss won’t let me go to Atlanta until it’s too late. Any suggestions?

Indianapolis, IN

Adventure Adviser: There’s no getting around the fact that the Olympics end August 4, whether or not you’re there for the excitement.

Sadly, there’s not much you can do if you can’t get there in time. My advice: quit. Your next best (and less drastic) option is to just turn off the phone and plant yourself in front of the TV for two solid weeks of nonstop Olympic hype … er, I mean coverage. Not the same as being there, I know, but bear in mind that you’ll be spared mile-long Porta-Potty lines, an
embarrassment of barbecue pork sandwiches, and the onslaught of more than 2 million crazed fans.

In the meantime, Harold, get an early start on Sydney and request your vacation days now for the year 2000.

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