Backcountry ski trips near Steamboat


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Week of November 21-27, 1996
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Backcountry ski trips near Steamboat

Backcountry ski trips near Steamboat
Question: I am going to go skiing in Steamboat, Colorado, over Christmas. I want to experience some backcountry adventures (camping, skiing, etc.) and I wanted to know if you knew of any reputable guides who would be able to take me out on a couple-day trip and teach me about backcountry winter survival, etc.

Philip Jiricko
Indianapolis, IN

Adventure Adviser: Sadly, guided overnights in the Steamboat-area wilderness seem to be a bit of a bust, but you do have a couple of options for full-day backcountry ski trips. The Steamboat Ski Touring Center offers full-day outings over
rolling terrain in the Routt National Forest for $37.50 per person. If you plan on eating, bring your own sandwich or pay them to pack one for you–lunch isn’t included in the price. If you need backcountry equipment, they’ll rent it out to you for $10 per day. Call 970-879-8180 for details.

If your skiing tastes run to the more extreme, book a spot on one of Steamboat Powder Cats’ full-day guided excursions into the Routt wilderness. They take clients into the untracked backcountry via snowcats for $185 per person, including lunch. With a permit covering 15 square miles of terrain, you’ll be skiing in more powder than you can imagine and no crowds–just you,
nine other skiers, and two guides. If you’re set on an overnight, call them well in advance and they may be able to book you one on special request, depending on how busy they are. Trips start at 7:30 with breakfast and a safety meeting, followed by the trip via snowcat to the top of Buffalo Pass. From there it’s just a matter of taking turn after turn. Call 800-288-0543 for
more information.

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