Bill and Nancy’s thank yous


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Andean Adventure

Bill and Nancy’s thank yous
Thanks first and foremost to our families for understanding our need to take this crazy adventure;

to Joan Marsden and our wonderful friends at Wide World Books and Maps in Seattle;

the South American Explorers Club;

Dr. Bean, Tony, Allen, Ben, Jordan, Shelly, and our famly of friends in Seattle;

Janice and Jerry, Mac, Mary Jo, and Bob for storing our piles of stuff;

Byron Shutz at Garuda;

Jeff Scully at Newsport;

Meno and Cindy at OneSport;

Gregg’s Greenlake Cycle;

MSR and Outdoor Research for making great products;

Jeff Herr for having faith in our project;

and especially all those who have given us spontaneous friendship and aid along the road — muchismo gracias!

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