Caymans in summer: BYO bug juice


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Week of June 20-27, 1996
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Caymans in summer: BYO bug juice
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Caymans in summer: BYO bug juice
Question: Is Little Cayman going to be swarming with mosquitoes in August? Online pictures of resort rooms usually show mosquito netting above the beds. How bad is it?

Richard Webb
Pittsburgh, PA

You are here.
So are the mosquitoes.

Adventure Adviser: Let me put it this way, Richard: That mosquito netting isn’t just for show.

Skeeters can be bothersome in most jungly Caribbean isles during the summer, but–and here’s the good news–Little Cayman is so little and dry that bug-breeding vegetation there is pretty sparse, which means the mosquito population is practically non-existent. And at one resort I checked with, all the rooms are netting-free, which is a good indication that they don’t field
too many bug-related complaints.

Nonetheless, I’d make like a Boy Scout and bring the bug juice, just in case.

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