Choosing an adventure trip to Latin America


Week of December 18-24, 1997
Choosing an adventure trip to Latin America
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Choosing an adventure trip to Latin America
Question: What would you recommend for a week-long adventure trip (e.g., whitewater, mountain biking, sea kayaking, hiking, etc.) in South or Central America over Christmas this year? And when is the solar eclipse next year?

Seattle, Washington

Rocket through Macal River Gorge
on a nine-day trip to Belize

Adventure Adviser: Highly recommended by a fellow editor at Outside, the Belize Adventure Week from Slickrock Adventures Inc. promises nine days of hedonism and hard work in the blissful little nation of Belize. The first four days of the trip you’ll work up a sweat biking through a rainforest to the top of
Vaca Plateau — a rise of 600 vertical feet in a half-mile, running the Class IV Macal River Gorge, and drifting through the limestone caverns of the Caves Branch River, all while staying at luxury jungle outposts that serve authentic Mayan cooking. The next five days, you’ll move to the tiny island of Green Caye where you’ll scuba dive, sea kayak, boardsail, and snorkel,
or any combination thereof. And at the end of the day, you can plant yourself in a hammock and watch the blue waters lap against the shore until the sun goes down. The trip has two departures that leave close to the Holidays, one on December 27, and one on January 10. The price is $1,795 per person. Call 800-390-5715 for more details.

As for the solar eclipse, you can expect to see it in parts of the world (specifically in a broad swath stretching southwest to northeast from the Galapagos Islands through the Caribbean to the Pacific) on February 26. More specifically, if you happen to find yourself in Aruba on February 26, you’ll see it at approximately 2:15 p.m.

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