Condos for scuba divers on Bonaire


Week of August 14-20, 1997
Condos for scuba divers on Bonaire
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Condos for scuba divers on Bonaire
Question: What do you know about “Happy Holiday Homes” on Bonaire? We are used to staying at the Divi, in one of their studios, but would like a little more space. We do mostly shore diving and want to make sure we have access to a decent dive shop. Are there any other condo-style places you recommend?

Kathi Olsen
Westfield, NJ

Scuba school’s in session on
the Caribbean isle of Bonaire

Adventure Adviser: I’ve never heard of Happy Holiday Homes, but I think I can come up with something even better, that is if you can imagine yourself tucked away in a Mediterranean-style villa stretched out along the coral bluff above Seven Body Beach.

Not only do guests in the palm-shaded villas of Captain Don’s Habitat have sea-facing views and breezy balconies, they also have access to the Bonaire’s original dive pioneer, Don Stewart. From his resort, located within walking distance of Kralendijk on the leeward side of the island, guests can take advantage of the finest shore-entry sites on the island, where morays as
long as NBA stars play, and neon anemones — not to mention iridescent corals — brighten the undersea.

You can also choose from a number of scuba-certification courses, underwater-photography lessons, and unlimited access to dive tanks around the clock. In fact, if you get the urge to dive at 4 a.m., just pad down to your own personal storage locker, put the tank on and go.

When you tire of the dive scene, you can reserve a spot on the fish-watching tours that Captain Don’s offers twice a week, or take a course in reef conservation. Accommodation prices start at $175 per night for double occupancy, but packages that include breakfast, boat dives, unlimited shore diving, and more ring up at $721 per person for seven nights. Call 800-327-6709
for more details.

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