Customized bike-touring maps


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Customized bike-touring maps

Customized bike-touring maps
Question: Is there a map that has the best bike-touring routes through the USA?

Damon Hamel
Eugene, OR

Mapping the open road–Touring routes from Adventure Cycling

Adventure Adviser: Sadly, there’s not a single map of all the best routes, but there is an organization that will custom-design a bike trip for you, complete with down-to-the-foot mileage accuracy and don’t-miss diners and convenient campgrounds along the way. All you need to do is figure out where you want to ride, how long you have, and
whether or not you want to camp or inn-hop and Montana-based Adventure Cycling will have a field day creating the most intensely-detailed route maps you can imagine.

If you want to go whole hog and pedal clear across the country, why, Adventure Cycling can help you out with that, too. They have three ready-made east-west routes mapped out-the Northern, TransAmerica, and Southern–as well as a route along both coasts. Cross-country route maps range in price from about $78.95 to $92.95, and individual, custom-made maps start at $5.95. For
more details, call Adventure Cycling at 406-721-1776.

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