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Award-winning director Michael Brown demonstrates how to get the best possible shots.

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film tips

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film tips

film tips Award-winning director Michael Brown demonstrates how to get the best possible shots.

Ski Filming Tips
Award-winning director Michael Brown takes a break from Serac’s Avalanche Film school to dish out some tips on making a ski film.

Staying Warm
Bad Weather
Best Shots



Winter Filming Tips
By Serac Adventure Films
Award-winning director Michael Brown advises on how to get the best possible shots and stay motivated when the weather is cold.



Staying Motivated

Screen Direction

Staying Safe

Battery Care




Adventure Filmmaking Tips
By Serac Adventure Films
Award-winning director Michael Brown demonstrates how to get the best possible shots.

Tips: Part 1
How to vary your shots and edit them together. (1:35)

Tips: Part 2
How to pan correctly. (1:46)



Meet The Jacksons
By Joe Spring
Kayaking's first family packs into an RV and a Volkswagen Westphalia so they can travel the continent competing in whitewater events. With a father, a daughter, a son, and a soon-to-be son-in-law playboating at world-class levels, the only place more crowded than the campers is the podium.

Meet The Jacksons: Part 1
An introduction to the family. (5:27)

Meet The Jacksons: Part 2
Eric Jackson gives a tour of the RV and talks about his daughter's engagement. (5:25)

Meet The Jacksons: Part 3
The competition between family members heats up. (4:06)



Unlevel Forte
By Anders Carlson
Amateur climber Angus Bohannon heads to the Teva Mountain Games to compete in the citizen competition and watch pros like Chris Sharma and Alex Johnson climb in the Bouldering World Cup.

Part 1
Bohannon climbs in the citizen competition. (3:57)

Part 2
Interviews with Alex Johnson, Chris Sharma, and Bohannon about climbing. (3:50)



No Strings Attached
By Emeka Ngwube
Is there a relationship between bad breakups and intense rock climbing? Emeka Ngwube heads to “The Gunks,” Central Park, and the Bouldering World Cup to find out.

Part 1
Amateur and pro climbers talk about their motivations. (3:50)

Part 2
International climbers compete in the first World Cup event in the U.S. in 20 years. (3:16)



Total Carnage
By Sam Lowe
Kayakers throw all decency aside in order to win the gladiatorial, whitewater derby called the 8-ball.

Part 1
The rules and history of 8-ball. (3:09)

Part 2
As boats and bodies collide, ribs and egos are bruised. (3:22)



Preparation Compilation
By Philip Johnson
A look into how pro freestyle kayakers like Tino Specht, Dustin Urban, Eric Jackson, Tao Berman, and Tonya Fox prepare for big events.

Part 1
Tino Specht prepares for a freestyle event. (4:02)

Part 2
Dustin Urban, Eric Jackson, and Specht land big tricks and talk about the competitions. (2:57)



A Tail of Two Dogs
By Bill Hanson
Gunner and Jasper, the two biggest athletes at the Teva Mountain Games no one has heard of, face off in the Dock Dogs competition. (4:54)



Gears + Levers
By Carole Snow and Monica Bunting
A mother who rides a cruiser and a single pro-mountain-biker recovering from a broken back team up to check out the bike scene in Vail.

Part 1
An introduction to the cruiser and the mountain biker. (4:05)

Part 2
The two women talk about their differences and what they've learned. (4:45)



Behind the Scenes
By Serac Adventure Films
An in-depth look at how to get access to high-profile athletes and how to get the necessary shots to make the ultimate outdoor film.

Part 1
Getting access to high profile athletes. (4:21)

Part 2
Getting the shots you need for a great adventure film. (4:06)



Adventure Film! Adventure!!
By Thayer Walker
The first rule of high-altitude hiking is to go slow. The first rule of adventure filmmaking is that sometimes you need to need to rush. Outside correspondent Thayer Walker tries to reconcile the two while making an action-packed movie on Kilimanjaro.
*Warning: Some episodes contain explicit language.

Part 1
A fast-paced introduction to the team. (4:23)

Part 2
Team members get sick, endure bad weather, and sweat through nightmares. (4:27)

Part 3
Walker fights his final battle on the summit to end the movie. (2:55)



Behind The Scenes
By Anthony Cerretani
Award-winning director Michael Brown, of Serac Adventure Films, gives advice on maintaining motivation at high altitude and getting the shots needed for a great adventure film. (5:22)



A New Yorker's Guide to Climbing Mountains
By Emeka Ngwube
A group of New Yorkers compares the hustle and bustle of everyday life in New York City to the dedication and steady pace needed to summit Kilimanjaro. Along the way, they learn the meaning and importance of the mountain's mantra, “Pole, Pole.”



Part 1
An introduction to the expedition team from New York City. (4:21)

Part 2
A few tips to make life on the mountain easier, such as the value of placing a Nalgene bottle full of hot water in a sleeping bag. (4.50)

Part 3
The team moves through wind and fog toward the summit. (4:39)

Part 4
The team compares climbing Kilimanjaro with getting by in New York City. (5.00)



Adventure Filmmaking Tips
By Anthony Cerretani
Serac's award-winning director Michael Brown dishes out adventure filmmaking advice, gathered and refined through years of experience.

Tip 1
Serac's Michael Brown on how and what to pack when filming during an expedition. (1:10)

Tip 2
How far do you push to get the ultimate shot? Michael Brown tells how to weigh risk when making a movie in extreme conditions. (2:25)



Walk Your Own Path
By Josh Levine
Release Date: 5208
With each passing day, 46-year-old Bill Barkeley loses more and more of his hearing and vision due to a rare genetic disease called Usher Syndrome. Before going completely blind, Barkeley will attempt to summit Mount Kilimanjaro so that he can see Africa from its highest peak.

Part 1
An introduction to Usher Syndrome and the assistive technologies Barkeley will use to climb the mountain. (4:41)

Part 2
With the help of guide Jeff Evans, Barkeley navigates a steep slope, a narrow pass, and a boulder field. (4:09)

Part 3
Before summit night, Barkeley takes a break at camp feet to read letters from his family. (4:32)

Part 4
Barkeley fights through “the most physically and emotionally demanding day” of his life. (3:27)

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