(Illustration by Istvan Banyai)

Sex, Lies, and Base Camp

A Playboy bunny, massage tents, martinis, bootleg movies, high altitude golf. As correspondent Kevin Fedarko reports in the July 2007 feature story, "High Times" the scene at Everest Base Camp ain't what you'd expect. Here, listen to an audio version of the story and hear an interview with Fedarko.


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Podcast: Q&A with Kevin Fedarko



The Outside correspondent talks to Anthony Cerretani about the challenges of reporting from Everest Base Camp, why the experience was completely unexpected, and why failure fascinates him more than success.

Listen to Podcast version

Podcast: High Times

Here’s an Everest story unlike any other, complete with a Playboy Playmate, Internet cafes, and countless martinis. Forget the summit—correspondent Kevin Fedarko finds the fun at 17,600 feet. He reads his story here.

Listen to Podcast version

Kevin Fedarko: From the Archives

Read more of Fedarko’s work for Outside including The Coldest War, about the world’s highest battleground in the deadly dispute over Kashmir and The House of Rock, his profile of the elite Exum Mountain Guides.

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Lead Photo: Illustration by Istvan Banyai

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