Kapa Kapa Trail
James Campbell and company making their way along the Kapa Kapa Trail

Welcome to the Jungle: Trekking Papua New Guinea’s Kapa Kapa Trail

In the May 2007 Outside feature story "Chasing Ghosts," writer James Campbell follows in the footsteps of American soldiers who trekked 130 miles through Papua New Guinea during World War II. Here, watch a trailer for the film, The Ghost Mountain Boys and see Philipp Engelhorn's photo outtakes from the trip.

Kapa Kapa Trail

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Video: The Ghost Mountain Boys

Watch James Campbell and company trek the Kapa Kapa Trail in this preview for the upcoming film The Ghost Mountain Boys.

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Gallery: Papua New Guinea’s Kapa Kapa TrailTangled jungle, rushing rapids, native ceremonies. See Philipp Engelhorn’s photos from his trip with James Campbell along the Kapa Kapa Trail here.


For more of Engelhorn’s work, head to www.philippengelhorn.com

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