B House: Spain’s Nature-Loving Retreat

Who says you can’t build a cabin out of glass?


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A cabin should take you away from the stress of the digital, hyper-connected life. But that doesn’t mean you have to rough it.   

For me, a backcountry cabins should offer simple, modern luxury. Take this family countryside getaway in Spain, which takes advantage of its surroundings while still offering all the comforts you’d expect in the city.    

Located near orchards and fields of grain, the cabin mirrors the color of the site—yellow. In spring, canary flowers cover the nearby meadows, while in autumn, golden ash leaves linger on the trees.

The house itself—more like a covered pass than a true cabin—is nothing but an enormous room with sliding glass walls facing east and west. It’s wrapped in yellow wood planks, and connects seamlessly to timber decks outside. 

There’s a tiny built-in kitchen on one side of the room with a contemporary fireplace on the opposite wall. Bedrooms flank both ends of the cottage (one of these wood-covered nooks has only a sky window to let in light). Tucked into the hillside, there’s also a full-length playroom and library for browsing on lazy summer nights.  

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