Casa da Praia do Felix

The ultimate Brazilian tree house


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In this leggy structure high in the Brazilian treetops, your cares (including your phone and laptop) must be left on the ground. Up here, posts, beams, steel tension rods, and waves of glass are the only things separating you from unparalleled views of the sea and jungle.

Supported by twelve posts, the home is accessible from a hillside staircase and a wooden deck. Your only chore? Choosing your favorite spot, be it in the first floor bedrooms, the multi-purpose living level, the small reading nook, or on the large deck where you can gather with your friends. There’s also a private studio for morning yoga or an afternoon nap.

Arched laminated wooden roof trusses reach toward the sea and extend the roof over the walkways to keep you dry during the region’s frequent rainstorms. This ultimate tree house wisely gives you equal inside and outside space. If you’re worried about privacy, the jungle conceals the home from the street and the bath has solid walls. Besides, all eyes will be on the view. 

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