unsolved mysteries
(Photograph by Dan Winters)

Case Cold

Who can resist a good mystery, the kind that leaves you both rattled and baffled? Certainly not us. So it's with sinister pleasure that we bring you 13 tales of unrighteous deeds, inexplicable vanishings, supernatural weirdness, and the stuff that nightmares are made of.

unsolved mysteries
Photograph by Dan Winters

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Get Spooked

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Adrift: Did Alaska's frigid waters take another life?

Eaten Alive?: A baby goes missing in the Oz outback

Gold in Them Hills: Untold riches may lie hidden in Arizona

Treachery at Sea: A honeymoon cruise proves lethal

Disturbing the Dead: What does the president know about Geronimo's skull and when did he know it?

Swallowed Up: A fateful trek into the Hawaiian jungle

Only the Mountain Knows: Who summited Cerro Torre first?

Strange Geometry: The Bermuda Triangle's horrors

Fatal Ride: A Tour de France champion's macabre end?

Face Scratcher: An unholy terror descends on India

Mystery Writer: A lost legend was it suicide or murder?

Swept Away: The doomed sea crossing of a French baron

Final Patrol: A dubious disappearance in the wild

No “X” Marks the Spot: Hidden Treasure Waiting to be Discovered

Cracks in Creation: The Bermuda Triangle isn't the only place you might witness the unexplained