‘The Cove’ May Offer Whale and Dolphin Swims

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Soon, you may be able to swim in the same waters where local Japanese hunters slaughter whales and dolphins. That probably won't be the slogan for the town of Taiji, in Wakayama prefecture. But the city featured in the documentary The Cove has applied for a permit so they can put a net across Moriura Bay in order to create a park where residents and tourists can swim with dolphins and whales. Before you jump to the conclusion that this will be a nice activity to take the place of their annual marine mammal hunt, there's this from the Herald Sun:

A town official, who declined to be named, said that the town “is no way going to stop” its annual dolphin hunt, adding local residents see no contradiction in both watching and eating dolphins.

The town caught 928 dolphins in 2011.

To see how The Cove was made, check out this behind-the-scenes graphic from Outside.

–Joe Spring

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