How to pedal (and eat) your way through Chianti country.

A new European carrier takes you to the heart of the Alps. Skis fly free.

This past March, I flew to the island of Senja, Norway, to take part in one of the many self-powered backcountry programs offered by Pure Ski Touring. The island is part of a 612-square-mile archipelago that sits in one of the northernmost, least-populated counties in Norway.

By European standards, Ireland’s County Donegal, tucked into the country’s far northwest corner, may as well be Mars. But for adventure travelers, it’s a hidden frontier packed with wind-bitten landscapes to mountain-bike, rowdy coastline to surf, and 500-foot sea stacks to climb. That is, if you’re brave enough.

Mention Switzerland to any skier and their reaction is nearly universal. Their eyes widen as thoughts of huge vertical, fluffy powder, and quaint villages filled with fellow snow seekers enjoying après fill their collective imaginations. When the opportunity presented itself to tag along with a few stellar skiers to the Swiss Alps, I eagerly jumped on the team. Skiers Sven Brunso, John Trousdale, George Koch, and I travelled via rail to Adelboden, Andermatt, Disentis, and Engelberg. Deep snow, stinky cheese, new friends, cold beer, big climbs, and massive descents were never more than a walk, tram, or train away. Photographer Liam Doran shares some highlights of their trip.

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Photographer Ben Moon takes us on his journey through Norway, using the all-new Lytro Illum camera—designed to capture fuller, deeper, and more stunning images than ever before. Relive his adventure through the Nordic countryside with four artists and VW camper.

Skjálfandafljót River, Iceland

The key to seeing the best of Iceland? Posting up in the middle of the action.

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Travel down any dirt road in Iceland and you are bound to find an adventure. If you stay on that dirty road long enough, you’ll uncover what truly makes this tiny island in the freezing North Atlantic a marvel to behold. Iceland is not your typical vacation hot spot, but stroll along the desolate ranges of volcanic rock and you’ll see the real beauty that covers this land. A place where colossal glaciers inch toward the freedom of the Arctic Ocean after centuries of imprisonment on land, and where shallow rivers cut deeply into the canyons, enticing adventure seekers to uncover its hidden paths. We set out to capture the shadowy secrets of this surprisingly wondrous island. We traveled by air, land, and sea and found that no matter how much we thought we knew of this country, there was always something new down every path we took.  

The Balkan Peninsula's new megatrail is as much about imbibing culture as it is about bagging peaks. In his first dispatch from the trail, the author embarks on a 1,250-mile journey across six countries.

On the road in Magerøya, Finnmark

The world's most dangerous walkway

Sunset on the southeast coast

Caroline Ciavaldini and James Pearson—The North Face’s premiere rock climbing couple—met on a rock face in Antalya, Turkey; they named their story Once Upon A Climb.

Modern comfort in a stunning, rugged landscape

Hikers around the world are rediscovering Spain's Camino de Santiago, Medieval Europe's version of the thru-hike. A veteran of the pilgrimage shares his tips for getting your boots on the path.

Norway has everything the alps does—towering mountains, five-star restaurants, loads of culture. You also get fjords, glaciers, epic whitewater, and a few thousand polar bears.

Where it's more about skiing than the scene

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