Margaret Backcountry northwest photography Outside Online
(Photo: Andy Best)

Flashlight Beam

Mt. Margaret backcountry, Washington

Margaret Backcountry northwest photography Outside Online

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One of the most surreal landscapes I've explored is the Mt. Margaret Backcountry near Mt. St. Helens in Washington. The area fell directly in the blast zone of the volcano's 1980 eruption, and you can still see the effects of the explosion throughout the landscape today. On May 18, 1980 the explosion sent a cloud of dust, steam, and ash nearly 60,000 feet in the air and removed 1,300 feet of elevation from the mountain in the process.

There is undoubtably an eerie feeling lurking behind the area's immediate beauty. The night I captured this image, the fog rolled into the valley just as the sun was setting. I turned on my flashlight and noticed that by shining the light into the fog it created this dense beam in front of me. 

TOOLS: Canon 6D, 14mm, f/2.8, 20 seconds, ISO 3200

Lead Photo: Andy Best

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