Icy Reef, a barrier Island along the coast of the Arctic Refuge and premier nesting spot for numerous migratory bird species. (Subhankar Banerjee)

The ANWR Debate


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In the February 2005 issue of Outside, Senator John Kerry argues that oil development in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge would bring irreparable harm to a uniquely American treasure. His essay is the latest in a series of Outside reports exploring the pros and cons of drilling in ANWR. Here, we present a highlight reel of our coverage of this ongoing battle.

John Kerry Takes the Gloves Off
An ANWR defeat would deal a major blow to the entire concept of wilderness protection. In this exclusive essay, Senator JOHN KERRY vows to take the fight to the GOP leadership.  [more]

Arctic Smackdown
Does President Bush have the votes to drill Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge? The world is about to find out.  [more]

No Surrender
With their backs against the wall following the 2004 election, green lobbyists are planning to fight. One group at the forefront will be the D.C.-based League of Conservation Voters. Outside talked to League president Deb Callahan about how to keep the drills idle.  [more]

Crude Reality
A former oil worker returns to Alaska’s North Slope in search of the truth about the pro-drilling argument. His conclusion? (Brace yourself.) The unthinkable is the right thing to do.  [more]

Footprints in the Last Wild Place
PETER MATTHIESSEN takes a journey across ANWR’s disputed territory to explore the realities of a place where wildlife, native traditions, and the search for oil converge in fateful proximity.  [more]

Online Exclusive: ANWR Photo Gallery
Conservationist Subhankar Banerjee spent two years documenting the wildlife and geographic beauty of the refuge to help rally opposition against proposed oil exploration and drilling. View his exclusive images here, then visit Banerjee’s own site at

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Lead Photo: Subhankar Banerjee

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