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Bollé Summer Break

Professional snowboarder and Olympic athlete Seth Wescott shares his top five adventures for the off-season.


1. Searching For Snow
Summer always starts with a final flourish of pure winter enjoyment at Points North Heli Adventures in Cordova, Alaska. For the past nine years I have spent the entire month of April at the southern end of the Chugach Mountains filming with Warren Miller or friends from Europe to capture the last moments of winter powder and enjoy the best snowboarding moments of my life.

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2. Playing Golf
During the summer, I spend most days feeding my golf addiction at courses near my home in Maine. I also spend a great deal of time organizing and playing in tournaments that benefit the Level Field Fund, a nonprofit founded by Ross Powers, Michael Phelps, Daron Rahlves, and myself to help fund future Olympians in their journeys to achieve their own goals on the Olympic stage.

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3. Mountain Biking
The New England Mountain Bike Association in Carrabassett Valley has transformed the bike trails in the Western Mountains of Maine. For the past couple of summers, they’ve created a new trail network in my home valley that ties in with the Maine huts and trails system, rapidly turning the same trails I have trained on in the past into a mountain-biking mecca.

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4. Surfing
I am continuously checking swell reports to know when to strike out for the coast. Whether I’m at any number of breaks from Portland, Maine, down to the New Hampshire border or doing stand-up paddling on Flagstaff Lake, being on the water is a perfect form of cross-training.

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Since the year 2000, I have been venturing south to Chile, Argentina, and New Zealand looking for powdery snow during our summer months to train with the U.S. snowboarding team. It’s always so refreshing to find quality midwinter snow in the off-season and keep the summer snow dreams at bay.

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