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Justin Ridgley, Hawaii (Forest Woodward)

Bouldering in Oahu, Hawaii

The North Shore's hidden routes

Climbing hawaii Viewfinder outside online

We reached the North Shore at dawn, after traveling down a long and rambling dirt track littered with boulders that had fallen from the hillside above. It was one of those 4×4 roads that required the right car and a gutsy driver.

A bluff overlooked the beach at the end of the road. We threw down our pads and scrambled down after them. After a quick warm up on this perfect little arch, Justin Ridgely moved onto the mega project: a sharp and powerful high ball that arcs out above the slick boulders below. 

TOOLS: Canon EOS 5D Mark III, 15mm Fisheye, 1/160 second, f/18, ISO 400 

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Lead Photo: Forest Woodward