Drop in for a day, stay a week, or put down roots for a lifetime. In these soulful, just-under-the-radar hideouts, distilled small-town pleasures still go down smoothly.

If British Columbia didn't invent the adventure lodge, the province sure has perfected the genre. Here are four that do it right, with a twist: You can't drive to any of them.

Welcome to the anti-Himalayas, a happy land of sunshine, frothy water, and extra-large boulders

Which of our 2004 Dream Towns is the best place for unbridled fun and outdoor adventure? Cast your vote now! Results will be reported in an upcoming issue of Outside. Lanesboro, Minnesota Etna, California Cashiers, North Carolina…

Summer is the new prime time at mountain resorts

An epic adventure sponsored by Chevy Avalanche

There’s more than one way to take in the adventure and splendor of America’s national parks. So we’re serving up a prize package of SECRET TRIPS—locals’ no-tell favorites, from Acadia to Yellowstone to wildest Alaska—along with a roundup of DREAM TOWNS nearby, the places to eat, drink, and dance after…

June 20-July 4, 1995 Dream Towns Debate Your kind of town? After a cross-country quest to find the best towns in which to hang your bike helmet and your shingle, Outside correspondent Mike Steere got online to discuss his…

Week of February 14-21, 1996 Camping at Point Reyes Seashore, CA Alabama backpacking destination The new Crater Lake Lodge Camping on Florida's barrier islands Bike touring Nova Scotia and the Maritimes…

  Week of September 5-11, 1996 Alabama's scenic Pinhoti Trail Question: My wife, Carolyn, and I want to take a four-day backpacking trip September 11-14, but we don't want to travel too far from Indy. We are thinking about Alabama but…

Week of July 16-22, 1998 Dodging lightning in the mountains and canyons Off-roading in South Dakota’s Black Hills Navigating Nova Scotia Touring Asia by bike Off-roading in South Dakota’s…

Live well in the wilds at these five perfect perches

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Australia finally lays tracks to the outback from Adelaide to Darwin



Deep into Anasazi country, and way back in time


There's still California gold in the mellow space between Napa and the Sierra

 Outside magazine, May 1998 Another Day Under the Black Volcano Picture a life in the shadow of the rumbling Soufri`ere, from whose vicissitudes come ash and rock and a possible scorching death. Would you flee, as have most of your neighbors? Or…


 Outside magazine, November 1996 There Must Be a God In Haiti Beyond the madness, beyond the fatalism he had succumbed to, was a far more complicated and blessed place. A possibly redemptive journey through history’s most battered nation. As close as the…

Travel Guide, Winter 1995-1996 All-Inclusive Resorts Margaritas for nothing and the chips for free By Matthew Joyce In the notoriously high-priced Caribbean, it doesn’t take long to max out a credit card or burn through a wad of traveler’s checks–those $50-per-day equipment…





Where kids can catch a faceful of the wild

Outside magazine, Family Vacation Guide The Islands of Summer Where your only concerns will be what time the tide will turn and where you left your flip-flops Santa Catalina Island, California It may seem hard…

 Outside magazine, December 1996 Mush, Mush, Mush, Dammit, Mush! As it preps for its 25th running, the Iditarod considers a mangy history of PCism, marauding polar bears, and the occasional random murder. Trail notes from America’s last great race. By Elizabeth Royte…

Skip the well-trodden tourist routes and join this trek through a pristine mountainous area virtually unknown to Westerners.

It's climbing season again on Everest. And as hundreds of summit hopefuls converge at Base Camp, the great debate persists: Has the Big E become the Big Easy? Alpinists Greg Child and Dave Hahn take sides.

The Big Dig hits pay dirt—in the shape of a new island playground in Boston Harbor

Go straight to the source and taste the good life at these organic farm getaways

Five superlative rivals to our national parks

Savor our top 20 wild Canadian adventures (including 5 new parks) for heaping helpings of glacial lakes, alpine meadows, swift rivers, and snowcapped peaks

Witness a singletrack revolution on the fresh trails of a land in transition

Let loose on a carefree horsepacking journey through the Absarokas

A magical history tour through the San Juan Islands

A dad-and-daughter duo paddle into the past on the San Juan River

From secret surf stashes on the Pacific to untouched Caribbean isles—plus all the volcanoes and colonial plazas in between—Nicaragua has the makings of a sporting paradise. Come discover Central America's red-hot center.

Keep the GPS handy, fly rod at the ready, and don't forget your rubber boots

A change has come to the Iron Curtain death zone—and it's wild

The highest points in heartland states like Kansas and Iowa aren't much to look at, but when you knock off seven of them in a four-day, 3,000-mile blitz . . . well, let's just say the little bastards have a way of kicking back.

Sex. Danger. Family values. This backyard soap opera has it all—plus feathers, razor-sharp talons, and a neighborhood obsessed.

As the brutal battle over proposed drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge grinds on, a former oil worker returns to the North Slope in search of the truth about the pro-exploration argument. His conclusion? (Brace yourself.) The unthinkable is the right thing to do.

Adventure Adviser, Colorado Sunset near Cripple Creek, Colorado Q: Where are the best mountain bike rides in the Royal Gorge and Colorado Springs area? I will be there in early June and wish to see some beautiful scenery while off-road biking in the mountains.

Ronni heard it first: the softly insistent, slightly descendant keloo-keloo of the quetzal, strobing from the cloud forest around us. We were hiking the five-mile Sendero de los Quetzales (“Path of the Quetzals”), a trail that winds through the 35,390 lush acres of Panama's Volcán Barú National Park in UNESCO's…

Ready to bask in the warmth of endless summer? Our online resource is your key to the Caribbean’s most idyllic getaways. Here, you’ll find great travel deals, gorgeous places to stay, and active adventures guaranteed to get your heart racing. Dive in, the water’s warm! Nevis: Unhurried and unsung hero…

Travel is one thing. But uprooting your family and moving abroad is a much deeper plunge into adventure.

Ten North American spas that will recharge your mind, body, and soul

Twelve value-packed Caribbean resorts where your room comes with a view—and killer perks, too

9. Ancient Crumbles in the Jungle Tikal, Guatemala Why I’m bounding up the steps of Tikal’s Temple of the Masks predawn on a chilly March morning is still not clear to me—let’s chalk it up to barroom advice that sounded completely rational after a few beers. But I…

From mountain biking in Mexico to snorkeling in Panama...

Trekking hut to hut along South Africa’s shore is just what the witch doctor ordered

To maximize the return on your investment in wanderlust, you need know-how and solid advice. We’re here to help. From saving on destination packages and high-value gear to insider trips and the bet reasons to blow a bundle, we’ve got the lowdown on affordable, rip-roaring, full-value adventure travel.

On and off the Slopes at Ten Top Ski Areas

We stopped at a boulder below the saddle of 10,229-foot Heyburn Mountain as early-May sunshine broke past the ridge and washed over us: three backcountry skiers on a mission to schuss the wild peaks of central Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains, and me, a snowshoe loafer in search of serenity. As my…

View from the California Riding and Hiking Trail Q: Now that fall is here we’re thinking of taking a backpacking trip through the desert. Any hints on where we should go? What about day hikes? — Nicole Frisbee, Denver, Colorado Adventure Advisor:…

Eileen and Tom Lonergan went out for a day of scuba diving, and never came back. The story behind the movie Open Water.

The gray wolf may lose federal protection. Will killing it become the law of the land?

Mountaineering's greatest debate—who reached the top of Everest first?—rages on

Amy Bechtel was there, and then she simply wasn't

Winding a thousand miles from India to China, the Burma Road was built to defend China in World War II, but the atomic bomb made it irrelevant and the jungle reclaimed it. Mark Jenkins vowed to do what no one had done for nearly 60 years—travel the entire Burma Road—and discovered the madness of present-day Myanmar.

Escape urban gridlock in West Virginia, where country roads and mountain mamas are only a fraction of the attraction

Was Michael Rockefeller eaten by cannibals?

What are you looking at? Q: How can I take a safari in Africa without being a millionaire? — Gudrun Nalitla, Reykjavik, Iceland Adventure Advisor: A: At first it seems hard to believe that a little drive through a…

A modern speed demon breathes new life into an ancient Hawaiian sport

A rude guide to Manhattan's new island-lapping bike loop

Today's topic: We rank the Top 40 schools where you can hit the books AND the backcountry. Your assignment: Rappel off that ivory tower and take our cram course on America's most adrenaline-friendly colleges. You'll come for your B.A. (Bachelor of Adventure) and want to stay for life.

If it's Riviera glitter you're after, head to Monaco. But for endless climbing, epic singletrack, and wild seacoast adventure, set a course for Finale Ligure.