Photographing People

Jeff Lipsky, October 4-9, 2009



The goal of this fun and exciting week is to photograph people with skill and confidence. Designed for passionate enthusiasts and advanced amateur photographers who wish to improve their portrait skills, Jeff provides participants with the techniques and guidance needed to create stronger, more meaningful images that transcend the snapshot.

Throughout the week, Jeff covers the many elements that define a successful portrait. We learn how to scout locations to fit the intended subject, mood and emotion, keeping in mind the natural light of the location as a source of inspiration. We engage with portrait subjects, whether family, friends, models, or strangers, using effective methods to put them at ease in front of the camera. We explore how to keep the photography session simple while working with subjects to get a variety of poses and emotions—whether formal or candid, quiet or dynamic. Jeff also demonstrates how to use available and artificial light to fit the emotion of the assignment.

In addition to daily assignments and critique sessions, the schedule includes field trips in and around the inspirational locations and diverse populations of Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico. One-on-one sessions with Jeff round out this intensive week of learning and developing new skills. By the week’s end, participants have acquired a multitude of new portraiture skills in addition to the experience and confidence to create stunning and creative portraits.

JEFF LIPSKY spent a decade living an alternative lifestyle in the mountains of Telluride, Colorado, snowboarding in the winter and working as a fly-fishing guide in the summer before he moved to Southern California in 1998 to pursue photography. There he built a successful career as a celebrity portrait photographer. Jeff, who is known for his ability to create images that are consistently warm and inviting, and aspirational yet real, has photographed athletes, fashion, and celebrities for a wide variety of clients. In addition to his portraits for Outside, Jeff’s work is seen in Vogue, Esquire, ESPN The Magazine, Glamour, InStyle, Golf Digest, and Cosmopolitan. Jeff’s web site is


Enthusiasts and Advanced Amateurs


A digital SLR and laptop computer are required.

Details on equipment requirements are provided on the registration page.


Participants should have a working knowledge of manual mode on their digital SLR camera and digital workflow (downloading images from camera, organizing files on laptop, and using image viewing software to edit and select images).


A portfolio is not required for this workshop.


$1,800 package price; includes tuition, model and location fees, two dinners, five lunches, and evening instructor presentations. The workshop is limited to 15 participants.

Details on all policies can be found on the registration page.


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