The Ultimate Cross-Country Road Trip Timelapse


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Further putting to the test whether there's no such thing as too many pictures, photographer Brian DeFrees strapped a Canon 60D camera to his windshield and used an intervalometer to take a photo once every five minutes as he circled the United States on a 55-day, 32-state, 12,225-mile road trip. That's not all. If the above timelapse video of his travels aren't enough for you, he also has collections of Daily Instagrams and iPhoneography on his web site.

And if that's not enough, he also set up his camera to record timelapse footage at the places he stopped. The slow unfolding in that timelapse video (below) offers a nice contrast to the hurried pace of the road trip video.

To be honest, we like all the results from all of his projects. So too many pictures? Not if you look at the results. You could even argue it's not enough footage, becasue we wouldn't mind a behind the scenes video on how he set up his camera and edited said footage.

Oh, and a couple more things. He did all of this for a total of $4,000 and right now he's answering reader questions in the comments section of his web site.

Via: Gadling, Brian DeFrees

–Joe Spring


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