(Illustrations by Ross MacDonald)

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Fifty-five parks, 70 all-new experiences, and nothing but long summer days ahead. Here’s how to CLIMB. KAYAK, HIKE, FLY-FISH, MOUNTAIN BIKE, or just wander far from the maddening crowds in every national park in the United States. You’ve got 61 million acres of wilderness heaven at your disposal. What are you waiting for?

Singing to the Grizzlies

…And getting hooked on the purple mountain majesty of it all.
By William Kittredge
The Parks

Dive shipwrecks at Isle Royale. Sea kayak Acadia. Run with wolves in Yellowstone. Creek-hop the Smokies. We pick 12 of the park system’s crown jewels and let you in on the wildest ways to explore their hidden corners.
By Mike Grudowski

The Best of the Rest

Start in Arches, then move onto the B’s (Badlands, Big Bend, Biscayne). Forty-three parks later, you’ll be at ease in Zion.
By Jennifer Villeneuve

Next Up

An our new national park is…
By Brian Alexander

From Outside Magazine, May 2002 Lead Photo: Illustrations by Ross MacDonald

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