Discount ski tickets in Colorado


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Discount ski tickets in Colorado
Question: We plan to do lots of skiing in Colorado this year and next. How can we obtain discount ski tickets to our favorite areas? We are especially interested in how to obtain a Colorado Card and a Gold C discount coupon book. Thanks for your help.

Linda Fritsch
Phoenix, AZ

Adventure Adviser: Do you know any Boy Scouts in the Denver area? This time of year the Gold C coupon booklet is only sold through select groups, including the Boy Scouts and Denver public school students.

Come October, however, the Gold C will be available through most Denver-area Safeway grocery stores for $10 per booklet. The Colorado Card you mentioned is a card issued by Vail Resorts, but because they recently acquired Breckenridge and Keystone, it’ll come in very handy as you cruise up the I-70 corridor.

A few Colorado Card benefits include free skiing for children under 4 years old and a “frequent skier” program. The Colorado Card is issued free of charge through late November. Call 970-476-5601 for details.

As for other discounts, I’ve been told by Colorado Ski Country USA, the organizational body for most major Colorado resorts, that the best thing to do is call the resort far in advance and ask them for any and all of their discount programs.

Most of them have a list as long as my arm. For example, Crested Butte offers free skiing in conjunction with lodging for a few weeks at the beginning and end of its season. Other resorts offer discounted multi-day passes or off-slope discounted tickets, which are usually sold through grocery and retail chains such as King Soopers, Safeway, Albertsons, and Gart

One word of advice: Save your pennies before you head to Aspen. This year’s full-day lift ticket is $59, making it the highest-priced resort in the nation. Ouch.

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