Doin’ California with a big doggy


Week of November 6-12, 1997
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Doin’ California with a big doggy
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Doin’ California with a big doggy
Question: I’ll be traveling on business to San Diego soon and am having very little luck finding a vacation rental that will also accept my Scottish Deerhound — they’re big dogs, and Laia weighs about 80 pounds, but is typically sweet and is very lazy. She’s also a well-trained champion. Can you suggest any contacts who may help? Thanks in
advance from Laia and Betsy.

Betsy Alberty
Mill Valley, CA

Dogs are more and more welcome on America’s campgrounds and trails

Adventure Adviser: You may find this hard to believe after you’ve struggled so hard to find a vacation rental that’ll take in your pooch, but the world is slowly beginning to open its arms to our furry friends — or at least beginning to realize the need for alternative doggie accommodations.

In the last two years a rash of books have been published on how to travel with your favorite canine. Frommer’s On the Road Again with Man’s Best Friend, by Dawn and Robert Habgood ($14.95, Howell Book House/Macmillan Publishing, 800-428-5331) profiles inns, bed-and-breakfasts, and resorts that not only allow dogs, but make them welcome.

Frommer’s also offers a number of regional titles for the Mid-Atlantic, New England, and the West Coast. Vacationing With Your Pet, by Eileen Barish ($20, plus shipping and handling, Pet-Friendly Publications, 800-496-2665) covers some 20,000 lodgings in the United States and Canada. Recently out from the same publisher is Doin California With Your Pooch!

But if all else fails, you could follow in John Steinbeck’s footsteps — outfit your own RV and you and Laia won’t have any hassles.

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