Easy-to-summit peaks in Colorado


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Easy-to-summit peaks in Colorado
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Easy-to-summit peaks in Colorado
Question: A friend and I are going to be in Colorado this summer. Estes Park is one destination. Also, the Collegiate Peaks for more hiking. My goal is to summit one or two 14,000-footers. Could you inform me of some good ones for beginners? You know, easy ones that are not too technical because we have no experience? I believe that once we do
this, we may be hooked for good.

Ross Cusic
Bloomington, Indiana

Adventure Adviser: On your way over to the Collegiates from Estes Park, stop off at the clump of mountains just outside of Breckenridge known as the Mosquito Range. Here you can bag three relatively easy fourteeners in one stop. One of the reasons that Sherman, Lincoln, Bross, and Democrat Peaks are so easy is that the trailheads start at about
11,000 feet. So instead of climbing 14,000 feet, you’re really climbing about 3,000 feet.

The Mosquitoes run north and south, parallel to Highways 9 and 91. The easiest way to get there from Estes Park would be to take I-70 to Breckenridge. Exit south at Breckenridge and take Highway 9 through town. You’ll begin to notice some massive peaks looming up to your west. To make sure you’re climbing the right peaks, I’d stop in Breckenridge and ask for more specific

Though this is across the state, another gorgeous peak — especially if you hit it in wildflower season — is Uncompaghre near Ouray. From Gunnison, take Highway 50 west to Highway 149. Take that south to Nellie Creek Road. The trailhead is approximately 5 miles up the road.

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